Apple brings back battery indicator to status bar in iOS 16 beta 5

Black iPhone 4 displaying icons. Image: James Yarema/Unsplash

Apple has brought back the battery percentage indicator in iOS 16 beta 5, but it needs you to enable it.

The battery indicator makes its come back after disappearing with the advent of the iPhone X Circa iOS 11, with a notch, back in 2017.

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The tech giant appears to have brought back the icon, which displays the numerical amount of charge, in its latest iOS 16 beta.

Years after Apple launched the iPhone X, the tech giant relegated the percentage indicator to the control centre.  The battery percentage will now be located in the phones status bar.

While iOS 15 and earlier versions showed visual representation of the battery level before, the updated battery icon will display the specific battery percentage rather than just the visual represented battery level.

The updated design provides users with a better idea of the battery at a glance while accommodating the previous issue of the smartphone which was space on either side of the status bar for devices housing the TrueDepth camera hardware.

To enable the battery percentage, go to settings, toggle to battery section. The iOS beta 5 is available to developers currently and Apple will release public edition in the near future.

To view battery percentage on iPhone with Face ID, toggle down from the top-right corner. Touch and hold the home screen background until the apps begin to jiggle, Tap + at the top of the screen.

Toggle to batteries and swipe left and right through the widgets to view the size options.  Add widget and tap done to complete.

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Featured image: Image: James Yarema/Unsplash


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