WATCH: Here’s how to hum, search that song in your phone

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Forgot that artist’s name but the melody is so close in your head that you can hum it.

We have a solution, and the good news is, that the answers have been there for a while.

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Here’s AI (artificial intelligence) that will help you solve the small memory issue.

A simple Google search allows you to find that melody stuck in your head with Google’s machine learning technology.

By adding the Google search widget to your home screen, you don’t have to remember the words to a song, simply click the microphone icon to launch your Google assistant.

Simply tap the microphone icon, say the words “what’s this song?” and sing, hum or whistle the song for 10 to 15 seconds.

You will be able to hum, whistle or even sing a melody for Google to solve your frustrating issue.

After you finish humming the tune, a machine learning algorithm will assist with finding possible song matches.

Once you receive the possible matches to your tune you can select the preferred one.

The great thing about the feature is that you will receive a variety of possible matches accompanied by music videos.

How it works?

The melody or tune that you’re humming is like a fingerprint.

The machine learning model transforms your tune into a number-based sequence representing the song’s melody.

The specially coded models identify the songs based on a variety of sources.

The algorithm compares your tune or hum sequence to millions of possible options around the world and identifies possible matches.

This all forms part of Google’s next generation music recognition technology launched around 2017.

The goal was to create music recognition straight to mobile device, which required a small fingerprint for each track in the database.

Music recognition

The network is carefully encoded to embed from 96 to 128 dimensions. This allows the network to pack the high input audio into a low dimensional embedding fingerprint.

This allows the system to detect the unique sequence and produce the desired results.

The fingerprint system does have its flaws when producing results. Recording in noisy environments may not produce the desired results due to the backround noise.

With music recognition, you can find the name of the song by placing your phone near the speaker of the song.

Music recognition software does however seem to be growing in the tech space and we can safely bet that it will only get better.

This feature is available on Android and iOS with many languages.

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Feature image: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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