Capitec simplifies things with non expiry data

capitec virtual card

Capitec bank has partnered with Cell C to introduce a groundbreaking step forward for consumers.

Capitec has launched data that will never expire, provided the Sim remains in use.

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The partnership has launched the Capitec Connect mobile virtual network operator on the Cell C network which provides a cell service to consumers.

The service will introduce low rates for data per 100Mb or R 45 for a gigabyte.

Capitec launches Capitec Connect as a prepaid solution for data, voice, and SMS’s.

The partnership is designed to bridge the huge digital divide in the country while becoming the solution that creates access to an effortless digital solution.

Why data expires really makes no sense and Capitec seems to have spotted the gap.

MVNO Service

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service provides a service to consumers, clients without owning the network.

Get data in minutes at low prices, flat rates and no expiry dates.


R4.50 per 100MB
R45 per GB
90c per minute
25c per SMS

How to get the Sim card

Visit any Capitec branch with proof of residence

You’re welcome to keep your existing cell number or port to new connect number.

A R5 transactional fee will be deducted from your transactional savings account.

You can also take sim cards for the family, only if you Rica all of them yourself.

How to recharge

You can recharge using our banking app, internet banking or dial:

*120*3279# Airtime, minutes, data and SMSs

*130*3279# Airtime and minutes can be purchased even if you don’t have airtime

Dial *101# Balance check

Dial *147# Self-service menu

Capitec Connect SIM cards are available to Capitec clients for a flat rate.

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