Elon Musk told to F*** off, Zelensky hits back on Ukraine tweet

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Tesla boss Elon Musk has been told to F*** off after he tried out a Twitter poll in an attempt to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

On Monday the Tesla chief exec received a swift but direct response from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and their lawyer.

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Musk convinced of an unlikely outcome said he initiated the poll as a means to open dialogue before many citizens, solders died.

Ukraine diplomat and lawyer Andrij Menlnyk was quick to give Musk the finger as a diplomatic response.

The online conversation has sparked controversy around the war on what a positive result for all countries could be.

Musk’s peace poll with about four components as possible solutions to end the war seem easy on paper.

The suggestion to redo elections under United Nations supervision seems a tall order.

His other suggestion to consider Crimea as part of Russia while discussing water outages seems a uncomplex solution but it seems the Tesla exec may not have the entire picture.

Zelensky issued his own poll placing Musk in the hot seat.

The Ukranian President questioned social media users which Musk they preferred, one that supported Ukraine or one that Supported Russia?

The Zelensky’s poll has over 2 million votes with 7 hours left till the poll expires.

There was a time when online debates were mere imagination.

Social media has increased the pace of communication, making responses to a billionaire quick, below the belt and direct.

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