Uber Eats 5% fee increase, here’s what you need to know

Uber Eats non-profit Hearts of Hope donate food

Popular food delivery service Uber Eats has announced a 5% fee increase on per kilometer rate for deliver people across the country.

Before you worry about your pocket, the additional cost increase will have no impact on customers and merchants.

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Uber Eats says the increase together with the 10% increase that was implemented in April this year will have a positive impact on delivery people’s earnings.

Head of operations for Uber Eats, Charles Mhango says the increase is a way to respond to the challenges delivery people faced when operating their businesses on the Uber Eats platform.

“It is through the regular roundtable discussions we host for delivery people that we get to understand these pressures more intimately, so we can implement appropriate interventions to help support their businesses”.

In a collaboration with MotionAds, Uber Eats hoped to provide delivery people with an opportunity to earn additional revenue through top-box advertising in South Africa.

The brand placements are expected to increase delivery people’s net earnings by 10%.

“We are always monitoring and reviewing fees, taking into account various factors to ensure that we have the right balance for all users. This is a testament to our commitment to always finding ways to help delivery people maximize their earnings.”

Understanding that delivery personnel faced a plethora of challenges, especially those on two wheels, the platform is assisting to mitigate those risks by providing safety features such as helmet detection and in-app emergency button, which dispatch private security to the delivery person in the event of an incident.

Uber Eats says it has also provided partner injury protection through AIG insurance to assist delivery personnel with the costs associated with injury while on a trip.

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