Here’s what Twitter checkmark colours will mean

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The incoming introduction of different colour checkmarks will possibly filter the fake from the authentic while identifying politicians from celebrities.

Twitter will introduce different colour checkmarks next week, should there be no more delays.

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According to Twitter boss, Elon Musk who previously held back the relaunch of the Blue verified checkmark, due to a previous uncalculated plan for the initial rollout, the new checkmarks will have different colours to mean different things.

This will assist in identifying which category the user falls under, between government officials, prominent members, celebrities and possibly trolls.

The initial $8 price rollout for Twitter blue checkmarks led to a myriad of trolls gaining access to the blue verified checkmark only to show Musk how easily users could confuse followers.

This led to the suspension for the feature while Twitter developers worked on an alternative plan forward.

While the initial launch was chaotic, Musk has announced a possibly better plan for the verified checkmark.

Gold check marks will be for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals (celebrity or not) and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before check activates.

Musk while introducing the new changes on Twitter said even the speed of Twitter was being looked into, especially for countries away from USA.

Twitter is expected to relaunch the series of coloured checkmarks, next Friday.

This will be Musk’s answer to the mushrooming imposters who previously got one up on the Tesla head.

Announcing the $8 blue tick verification plan caused a huge uproar from users who previously followed a different system to obtain the verified checkmark.

Musk silenced critics by saying the price stayed, and would ensure users gained access to the blue verified checkmark.

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