Incoming WhatsApp poll feature will make group chat votes easier

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Incoming WhatsApp poll feature is set to simplify those tricky WhatsApp group votes where no one really knows how a decision was reached.

WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp Polls, a new feature for users on Android and iOS, which will allow users to create polls.

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Polls have been an easy way to engage with audiences while showing off your personality.

Twitter was one app that saw a rise in users who appreciated the polls feature.

Polls allowed users to learn more about their audience, their behavior, wants, and needs, and how to better tweak messages sent to audiences.

A poll allows users to pose a question and WhatsApp’s new poll feature may make it easier for people to share their opinions in a simplified and curated manner.

Voting will only take a second and results can be viewed almost instantly.

WhatsApp users will most likely be able to add up to 12 options in a poll.

How it works

Check to ensure you have the latest update from WhatsApp.

Go to group chats, tap plus symbol on iOS and the paperclip symbol on android.

Toggle through the option until you see the Polls option.

Select and entire your Poll characteristics.

Enter your poll questions and your preferred answers.

Once Poll is done click send and participants in the group will then have access to it in order to provide feedback.

Votes or feedback are most likely to be at the bottom of the poll, great for those micromanaging group admins.

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