WhatsApp tests self chat feature, great for quick notes

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Social messaging giant WhatsApp is testing a new feature to send messages to yourself on iOS and Android.

This feature allows users to send messages to their own phone numbers.

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The messaging app has been working on the feature and it seems WhatsApp is ready to roll out the feature to beta testers.

A single-person chat window will be created by new additions to the platform.

Simply put the feature will enable users to send messages to themselves, be it contact information, visitor gate access codes, or note-taking.

The feature once complete and rolled out should be visible within the contact list.

WhatsApp is working on the message yourself feature for some iOS and Android beta testers, according to a report.

An interesting note about the incoming update is messages sent to your own number will always be synced to any linked devices.

The messaging giant is currently testing improvements for sending messages to yourself for some beta testers on WhatsApp beta.

WhatsApp users could send messages to their own phone number before, but users needed to use the click to WhatsApp to open it.

What’s the upshot?

The benefit of the new feature isn’t much, aside from being able to retrieve messages on synched devices and note taking.

It’s still un update meaning there will be more updates to improve this update, presumably.

Users will be able to gain access to their own profiles to reach their own chat history if they still don’t have one in the chats list.

Currently users phone numbers are not visible within your contact list so WhatsApp needed to use click to WhatsApp feature to open  it.

Whenever users will log into their WhatsApp accounts from a device, they should be able to see their own names at the top of the contact list.

If users use WhatsApp on a laptop or computer, their contact name will pop up in the list of conversations.

The feature is currently in testing mode and will allow users to write quick notes to send to themselves.

Another interesting feature

WhatsApp will also roll out an update that allows profile photos of group participants to be displayed, next to their chat bubbles.

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