Why Henry Cavill left The Witcher, drama, ego’s and more

Described as a perfect cast in the Netflix series The Witcher, Henry Cavill will be exiting the third installment of the series.

Netflix made the announcement that Cavill will be exiting The Witcher in the upcoming season 3, with Liam Hemsworth taking over for season 4.

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The Witcher fans have made it clear that Cavil was their preferred choice for the character Geralt of Rivia.

Could the move have been impacted by the return of Superman in the upcoming DC installment?

Cavill will be returning as Superman, and sources suspect that this may have impacted his role as Geralt.

There’s more speculation around Cavill’s exit, one of them being comments made by former producer Beau DeMayo on ego’s, writers’ not appreciating the games and books.

DeMayo wrote: “I’ve been on show – namely Witcher – where some of the writers were not or actively disliked the books and games (even actively mocking the source material.) It’s a recipe for disaster and bad morale. Fandom as a litmus test checks egos, and makes all the long nights worth it. You have to respect the work before you’re allowed to add to its legacy.”

While the real reason for Cavill’s exit remains unknown, a recurring theory was that there was drama on set for the character and material to depict a more book and game characterized feel was undermined.

Actors have in the past juggled a movie as well as series roles, so we doubt a Superman and Gerald weight load would have rattled “Superman”.

The Witcher Season 3 is set to return in 2023.

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