A fashion show for the elderly using AI, here’s how Malik raised the bar

Story teller, and filmmaker Malik Afegbua has raised the bar to introduce a senior citizens fashion show which never happened.

Yes that’s right, a fashion show which never happened.

Images of the elderly walking on a ramp and strutting off beautiful garments started surfacing on social media last year.

The images were breathtaking with some images of the elderly showing them swimming under water.

The images told a story with vivid details on them.

Malik Afegbua a new affirmed virtual reality developer has crafted a new niche showing off the elderly in what appears to be signature garments.

His imagery is impeccable, the attention to detail is astonishing, and this film director says it was all to tell the world about the African story.

The Nigerian AI artist has reimagined the elderly with style and put forward images that have us all welcoming those new wrinkles.



He says AI is a tool you can use to create things that were previously unimaginable. Putting the elderly at a place of strength and giving them a voice is what this artist says he is inspired to do in order to tell stories that were otherwise told by someone else.

“AI is a way you can imagine things,” he says.

The story teller said introducing a different story to lost history, heritage and culture was a pivotal part in his creative process.

He says AI has to do with a lot of keywords and coding.

Sometimes you get random things, and he says he learned how to feed the AI language to ensure that he obtained the type of images that he wanted.

While critics argue over that AI may be a threat to creativity, Malik says it all comes down to ethics.

He said AI was intended to create compelling content and not mimic the work of historically great artists as that would be using AI in the wrong manner.

AI is changing the narrative and now is the time to explore further says the compelling story teller who has taken the world by storm with his images which depict images that have never been seen before.

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Featured image: @blkstarlabz/Twitter

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