ChatGPT tip of the iceberg, here’s a look at impressive AI

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ChatGPT may only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incoming AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for marketers.

There are more AI websites that by the looks of it stand to transform the way information is used.

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Hyros or Hyper Accurate Ads Tracing Software for Digital business is an ad tracking and optimizing AI for digital business.

It allows businesses to scale ad-spend and has been endorsed by world-renowned life and business strategist Tony Robbins’ ad team.

This is described as your very own self-learning digital marketing ally which solves top digital advertising challenges.

It allows marketers to return to focus on the customer experience, maximizing overall performance across different channels, and allows users to reach new audience groups without spending more.

It comes with self optimizing campaign design ability and allows users to implement strategies in weeks not months.


This simply generates AI landing pages for you, writes effective marketing copy by using artificial intelligence to make writing faster and easier.

ln simple terms this is an AI powered landing page builder offering one of the smartest copy generators around.

The AI tool is designed for marketers and marketing agencies, business owners and copywriters as a tool which provides solutions.


This helps brands to create new ad variations faster.

That’s not simple enough, lets try this a way to create winning video ads at scale by combining ai software with ai leaning.

Think, a creative AI platform that generates Facebook and Tik Tok ads predicted to win.


This AI tool generates video scripts for you.

From podcasting, video editing, screen recording and transcription, users can do it all under one app.

Think, a powerful video editor, providing naturally sounding voices and impressive text to speech to make the best videos without a studio needed.

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