Chris Rocks’ slap may come in Selective Outrage Netflix comedy special

Chris Rock at the Oscars

Incoming and scheduled for March 4, 2023, is Chris Rocks Netflix comedy special titled Selective Outrage.

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Now for those who think the comedy special will most likely have nothing planned in retaliation to an assault on Rock by actor Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards on March 28, last year, you’re probably right.

For those who think that even the title of the Netflix special Selective Outrage is passive-aggressive enough to indicate a possible retaliation, you’re on to something too.

While we think Rock would not pull such a stunt, a stunt in retaliation to Smith’s slap would most likely be controversial enough to spike up viewership for the show.

Strange how ratings work.

Its almost a year since Smith got on to the podium to slap Rock while he was unpacking some prepared comedy material during the Academy Awards.

While Smith has taken some public relation hits for his assault of Rock, which include mixed reactions on his role in his latest work Emancipation.

Smith’s movie awaits reaction from the Academy Awards which banned him for his unruly behavior at the awards last year.

Back to Chris Rocks’ special.

Selective Outrage will set a new bench mark on Netflix as it will be the very first time Netflix will attempt a live stream.

The special will be shot in Baltimore, Maryland, with no pre-recordings, no edits, with the show expected to be streamed in over 190 countries.

Remember when Rock joked that he wouldn’t talk about the slap until he got paid.


The iconic comedy man is about to make history on Netflix following a year of emotional challenges which stem from one night at the Academy Awards last year.

On March 4th, 2023, Chris Rock is most likely to introduce a new form of streaming content with his live global Netflix special.

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