Here’s how the end to Netflix password sharing begins

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Streaming service Netflix will finally reach for current subscriber pockets and force users to pay for sharing their passwords with people they don’t live with.

That’s right. If you’re thinking of sharing your password, Netflix will most likely make you the user pay for sharing.

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This rollout of its new paid password-sharing option should kick into effect by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

In their latest earning report, the company clarified that although their previous terms of use limited the use of Netflix to a household, this would change going forward.

Paid sharing will be the shift going forward and those who live in different countries will also have the option to pay extra should they wish to share Netflix with the people they don’t live with.

The streaming service does expect some resistance from the public.

While the the roll out of password sharing kicks in, Netflix has made it clear that there may be resistance, which may lead to cancelled subscriptions but things should even out over time with projected revenue secured in the long term.

Netflix picked up that password sharing led to negative earnings in the long run.

The streaming giant has been on the offensive since and will migrate towards kicking off freeloaders.

In October last year, the streaming giant introduced the Netflix profile transfer which meant users were allowed to send their viewing history and personalized recommendations to another account.

This meant Netflix users could move their Netflix profile to a new account.

The move could be seen as direction towards main subscription holders having the power to kick off those unwanted ex’s from their account, without having to explain yourself.

This feature is also to ensure users do not have to reset their preferences and other personal information such as their watch history and favourite shows when migrating to another account.

How to transfer your profile

  • Using a web browser sign into an account/profile
  • Visit the account page
  • Select the profile you want to start.
  • Select transfer link in the transfer profile section (Note: a copy of the profile will remain on the original account.)
  • Enter email address and password to new account
  • Follow prompts to finalise new account.

The new feature allows users to keep a duplicate of the old profile data.

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