Eskom, stage 6 load shedding: What’s not being said

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Eskom announced it would continue power cuts at Stage 6 load shedding until further notice, due to the breakdown of eight generation units on Sunday afternoon.

Coal constraints, units operating at minimum capacity and further risks of units shutting down are some of the reasons the struggling power utility has shifted upwards on the sequence of power cuts.

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“Stage 6 load shedding will be implemented continuously until further notice. Since Sunday afternoon a generating unit each at Arnot, Hendrina, Lethabo and Majuba, as well as two units at Camden Power Station have suffered breakdowns and taken offline for repairs,” Eskom said.

“The three running units are operating at minimum capacity and are at risk of a shutdown should the coal supply constraints not be resolved. Given the high number of breakdowns, there is a possibility of further changes in the stages of load shedding at short notice.”

While stage 6 seems like a first phase to what could be a higher load shedding stages, the impact of load shedding will leave a catastrophic impact on the economy.

It was President Cyril Ramaphosa who while celebrating the ANC’s 11th anniversary in Bloemfontein highlighted the magnitude rolling power cuts could have on the country’s economy.

Rolling power cuts have not only crippled small business, but the overall impact of power cuts continues to have billions lost weekly.

While plans to remedy power cuts continue to remain just plans, stage 6 reaches deeper in destruction pricking holes that may never be repaired, economically.

The country has since 2022 had more than 200 days in darkness which means the overall impact leaves many businesses on the backfoot, financially.

From mining to manufacturing, production economic contractions are apparent signaling a dire future for small business, SMMEs, medium and micro enterprises.

The economy faces an unprecedented scenario where not only food security remains under threat but mobile networks, decreased productivity, a bleeding business sector, and industries at large all face a gloomy future ahead, with no prospect of recovery in sight.

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