Minimal subscribers for Twitter, Twitter Blue, alarm, or business?

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There are around 180 000 people in the U.S paying for subscriptions to Twitter, including Twitter Blue according to The Information.

A concerning number for the blue-colored social media app which was taken over by Tesla head Elon Musk last year amid controversy.

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This could be a call for alarm for Twitter which started charging $8 a month for Blue verified members on the web and $11 a month for those who signed up via Apple iOS.

With only 180 000 people signing up for Twitter Blue the tally revenue is about $15 million a year, which by way of comparison made around $300 million interest payment on the amount Musk borrowed when he bought the app.

The imposed paywall doesn’t seem to be pulling the desired output.

Musk had told employees that he wanted half the company’s revenue to come from subscriptions which by now appears to be a far cry from the 180 000 people in the U.S paying for Twitter subscriptions.

This alarming number merely represents just 2 percent of the platform’s active monthly users.

Twitter Blue costs $8 a month with $11 if you’re an Apple iOS user.

The current revenue translates to roughly $28 million annually which is less than 1 percent of the company’s revenue.

Twitter Blue came back in December following a wave of imposters’ flooding the platform earlier in order to have access to the blue checkmark.

The relaunch of the Twitter blue subscription come with a few changes like a verified phone number sign-up process.

With the new update users did not get verified until the verification process has been processed.

New meaning for the blue checkmark

Previously the Twitter blue checkmark used to represent authentic accounts of public interest, now the blue checkmark will mean two different things:

That the account was previously verified using the legacy verification criteria


The account has an active subscription to the new Twitter Blue subscription service and has met Twitter’s criteria.

Below is Twitter’s eligibility criteria for the new checkmark.

  • Only accounts actively subscribed to Twitter Blue are eligible.
  • Twitter accounts must have a display name and profile photo
  • Account must not have changes to your profile photo, display name or username.
  • Accounts must have no signs of engaging in platform manipulation.

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