Host virtual meetings as anyone with Xpression camera app

The days of practical and standard are behind us as Xpression camera app sets the tone going forward to carve a new normal where users can use any avatar as themselves in meetings.

Xpression camera allows users to instantly transform anyone or anything with a face into an onscreen persona.

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This means users who would like to be Miley Cyrus, Beyonce or even Marylin Monroe can select an image to use in apps such as Zoom, live streams, Twitch, or even a YouTube video.

How does it work?

In three simple steps, users can transform their camera into a form of xpression like no other.

Simply download the app on your laptop, open your favourite streaming service, such as Zoom, Twitch or other and select the expression camera.

Select an image after the xpression camera app opens and you will be instantly in control of the face of your digital persona in real time.

Pros and Cons

There are two extremes to this revolutionary idea and they are identity challenges and a new exciting normal for meetings.

While this may well be the one stop shop for content creators, providing an array of benefits from gif’s, meme’s, cinematic, and social content generating between image and video creation, this does pose a massive identity theft issue.

Xpression camera allows users to change the image on the screen so no worries of accidental exposing of true identities. This translates to no one’s the wiser.

Currently nothing is stopping anyone from opening a mock onlyFans account to use it.

Is it free?

The free version of the app allows creators unlimited access to seven default faces with around 15 background images.

The app imprints the movements of your face and head onto anyone users want while they chat on Zoom or another stream service.

Users can appear wearing a suit on screen while wearing pyjamas in the comfort of their home.

The app does need a camera to function currently, but developers have been heard saying they want the technology to allow users to animate images and videos from just voice or text recordings.

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