WhatsApp’s cool new green Gif sticker series, here’s how to get them

Social messaging app WhatsApp has introduced another fleet of comical stickers that users can use to express themselves in conversations.

The messaging app has rolled out a series of stickers that potentially say how users feel.

Sound familiar?

That’s because WhatsApp has spun this tagline before.  The idea for stickers is to add innovation to the feature. Otherwise users get bored and will probably jump on to the next best thing, and for WhatsApp that translates to their competition.

These new green Gif’s added to the sticker lineup have somewhat of a motion element to them, considering other sticker series were smiling tea cups.

An interesting note is that this new series of stickers are Gif’s.  The idea moves from the traditional sticker series and adds a potentially new form of stickers.

WhatsApp introduced the sticker pack on Wednesday March 15, with the sticker series available for download on both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp has been steadily expanding their features to compete with rival messaging platforms.

This has meant constant changes in the pipeline to ensure users stay connected to the platform with regularly updated features.

Creating polls, local chat backups and turning user pictures into stickers have been some of WhatsApp’s promise to their users in ensuring loyalty and user retention.

While the constant updates have bore fruit, the social media app’s shift to introduce a fleet of stickers which turn the user into a likable avatar has been on the cards for a while.

The feature was introduced around September last year with the idea being to create avatars that can also be used as profile pictures.

“Once you have created your avatar, it will be available in different poses and various emotions. One of the great features would be that, apart from sending your avatars within individual or group chats, you would also be able to set these avatars as your WhatsApp display picture or profile picture,” WhatsApp said.

How to use stickers

Open a chat message

Tap emoji option, and toggle to stickers.

Tap download to add the sticker pack you want to add.

Find and tap the sticker of your choosing and it will insert into the message to be sent.

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