Refresh For You feed on TikTok, here’s how to do it

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In the settings and privacy options, TikTok users will get to refresh their For You feed should they pick up recurring video options.

TikTok has rolled out a new feature that lets users refresh their For You feed.

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It’s not new if we consider that TikTok made their announcement in mid-March.  It’s the rollout that may have taken time to reach certain users.

The feature enables people to refresh their feed if their recommendations no longer feel relevant.

Repetitive recommendations are an issue and to remedy this, TikTok said they planned to find the balance between self-expression and an enjoyable viewing experience.

Start afresh

The feature most likely allows users access to a refreshed feed as though they just signed up for TikTok.

This allows content creators to shape their experience.

Enabling the refresh feed allows users to keep their set preferences like a filtered preference against a user’s content.

TikTok says: “An inherent challenge of any recommendation system is ensuring the breadth of content surfaced to a viewer isn’t too narrow or too repetitive. We’re intently focused on this challenge and work to design a system that intersperses a variety of topics. For instance, viewers will generally not be served two videos in a row made by the same creator or that use the same sound, and we try to avoid showing people something they’ve seen before.”

How it works

To refresh your feed users must go to the three lines at the top right of their screens.

Press settings and privacy.

Content preferences.

Refresh your For You feed.

Continue following prompts and your feed should look like you just joined TikTok.



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