TIP: How to find that lost, REFRESHED video on TikTok

Here’s a way to find that refreshed video that you were watching before something grabbed your attention which led to that interesting video lost somewhere inside TikTok.

This has happened to many users on the platform who at times have wanted to duet, if not reference a video of a user but only to find they could not find the video they initially watched.

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Here’s a way.

According to TikTok, all you have to do is:

  • Go to your search bar.
  • Type an asterisk *  and search.
  • You should see an array of videos that you scrolled past and hopefully the one video that you’re there for.
  • Tap watch history and you should find more of your consumed content.

This user details it eloquently below.


How to Find TikTok watched history easy! #fromnaijawithlove #tech #tiktoktips #howto #techtok #watchhistory #tiktokwatchhistory music by @baro

♬ original sound – Captain Awesome – Captain Awesome

The method is not new.

Since last year the video sharing platform has been campaigning to educate users on how to use the platform more effectively.

While TikTok posts tend to get lost due to the app refreshing its comforting to know how to retrieve those momentarily important videos.

Head to the cover page, click search and look for that lost video are simple steps the platform has added over time in an effort to accommodate users and their preferences.

Searching using the asterisk allows  users to gain access to an array of videos that they have viewed/consumed over the past seven days.

To get more watch history, then you would have to request your personal data from TikTok itself.

This is done by heading to your profile, click to other privacy option, then personalization.  Proceed to download your data option.

Select how you would like the information sent to you and download the file.

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