Tech 60 seconds: Catch up on the latest tech around the world

First on our list is the announcement by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to introduce its new business class seats aboard the B777 fleet soon to operate on the South African route between Amsterdam and both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The new seats are designed with the traveler in mind to ensure greater comfort as well as privacy.

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What’s new?

The seats provide direct access to the aisle, and every seat comes with a sliding door that can be opened and closed by the traveler, for more privacy when sleeping or working.

The seats can recline fully flat to form a 198cm long bed.

Passengers can stow their belongings in a lockable compartment, which is also a built-in mirror.

You can expect a bottle holder, which comes in handy during turbulence.

Hobot Legee D7

Next, we have the Hobot Legee D7 Robotic vacuum cleaner designed for both hard floors and carpets.

This intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner can map out your home and do the cleaning for you, while you’re out or on your couch.

Packed with a front suction mouth and deep cleaning brush roll to quickly scoop up debris, the Hobot Legee D7 comes with an eco-cleaning mode which means a quiet cleaning robot at the tips of your feet.

As temperatures drop across the country, so do the humidity levels.

The lack of moisture is a nightmare for those with sinusitis not to mention an aggregator for dry skin.

Meaco Delux 202 ultrasonic humidifier

Thanks to the Meaco Delux 202 ultrasonic Humidifier which has added air purification including a built-in aroma diffuser, this efficient humidifier is not only attractive but also energy efficient.

Solenco CF8500 air purifier

Keeping warm this Winter requires a plan, not to mention a cost-effective way to trap heat in homes.

The 5Watt electricity-consuming air purifier may just be the answer due to its ability to destroy bacteria and airborne viruses in your homes.

The use of filtration mechanics to remove toxins from the air could be a more cost-effective way to keep the spread of a cold.

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