WATCH: Here’s how the Huawei Innovation Centre launch fills the digital gap


President Cyril Ramaphosa launches @Huawei Innovation Center. #huawei | #Theeboardmember |

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Huawei has officially launched its state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, which encourages joint innovation with Huawei’s South African partners, Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises.


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The Center will showcase some of Huawei’s latest tech while cultivating local digital talent.

The innovation center will incubate future innovators who most likely will stem from Huawi’s current partner ecosystem

Partners of Huawei will be invited to configure and incubate their ideas before they take their products to the market.

Integrated solutions will undergo rigorous testing to ensure the solutions suit consumer business needs.

Small businesses run through Huawei’s partner ecosystem stand to benefit immensely, alongside SMME’s as they will receive a catalytic role at Huawei Innovation Centre according to Kemogotsitse Bosielo, Huawei’s Public Relations Manager for Government Affairs.


Kemogotsitse Bosielo answers some tough questions on the launch of HUAWEI’s Innovation Center. #huawei #techtraining #tech #SAMA28

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The launch saw President Cyril Ramaphosa alongside Huawei Executives China Ambassador Mr. Leu Chen and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei South Africa Mr Will Meng cut the ribbon to officially launch Huawei’s tech smart Innovation Center.

The center will bring Huawei’s different business units such as app developers and ICT-focused sMME’s in collaboration under one roof to complement the competitiveness of the country’s economy.

Ambassador Chen in opening the address said President Xi Jinping described science and technology as a primary productive force, with talent as a primary resource while innovation remained as a primary driver of growth.

This means big data and machine learning among other innovative solutions will be incubated inside Huawei’s digital Innovation Center which is Huawei’s signal for confidence in the South African economy and its potential.

President Cyril Ramaphosa toured the Woodmead-based Centre on Thursday morning and lauded the Huawei team for their impressive showcase which brought together Huawei’s different business units in a collaboration with local partners.

Welcoming Huawei’s plans to substantially invest in data centers and cyber security industries throughout the continent he said the Innovation Center will be a springboard for the launch of new local ICT enterprises that create jobs.

“We hope it will be a springboard to new business processes that grow our economy and support our national developmental goals,” Ramaphosa said.

Big Data, AI, and machine learning provide a massive platform for economic growth the president noted.

Job creation and self-employment would increase as a result while improving government service delivery.

In conclusion, Ramaphosa said the country has strong regulatory frameworks around cyber security, intellectual property, and the protection of personal information.

As the country continues to grow the digital economy government expects that the growth in revenue is equally matched by an increase in the number of jobs the sector has created.

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