Buying a portable power station, five tips to look out for

It’s load shedding and you have a deadline, you’re on the edge, and pissed off is not the right word to describe what you will do to solve your power issue, since the national power utility appears to be carrying a different set of priorities.

You’re upset but what is your solution?

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What to look for in a portable power supply

Where do you start?

Looking for a power supply requires some research and we’ve simplified the research for you to make looking for a load-shedding-ready buddy convenient and hassle-free.

So what’s the first thing to look out for?


Knowing the amount of capacity you need is the very first step. Looking for an efficient solution requires some bit of groundwork from your end.

You need to know the amount of power you need, and how long you need the portable power solution running for.

The idea is to look for a power supply with sufficient capacity to meet your load-shedding needs.

Runtime and output ports are very important

The run time on one charge is a factor you must consider.  Most entry-level power solution options can outlast a 2-hour power outage. The ports play a pivotal role.  Output ports and their types USB-A, USB-C, AC outlets, etc are also crucial to meeting your power needs when load shedding strikes.

You need a mix of different ports.

Inverter and AC output

We’ve noticed that users need to power devices that require AC power.  If your portable power supply has a built-in inverter and AC outlet, you’re on the right track. This will allow you to run laptops and small appliances straight from your power supply.

Brands such as EcoFlow, Anker, Jackery, and Magneto tend to provide such solutions.

Silent and compact

Some power solutions tend to make noise when pushing a certain percentage of power. We’ve picked up that you want or need a solution that will allow you to work and be on a call, while the power supply is running.

We picked up that brands such as EcoFlow and Anker have delivered on our noise requests and we hope this inspires other manufacturers to follow suit.

Rechargeable options such as multiple methods to charge the supply are also important.  Being able to charge the portable power supply using solar panels or even car charges is a definite win.

Safety features

You also want a smart power supply that features options like overcharge protection, and temperature control to ensure the safety of your devices when plugged in.

Some brand names we’ve looked at and liked were the EcoFlow range, the River 2 and River 2 Max, the brand Anker and the Magneto which did let us down once.

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