Podcast 101: Tips to create a great podcast, the podcast generation

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It’s the year of great content and podcasts or podcasting seems to be the topical discussion on the table.

What makes a great podcast? 

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Is it an attractive presenter/host? Could be.   Is it a compelling storyline? It could be, and in this piece, we look at some great tips to boost your podcast in order to stretch it from the norm to above normal and beyond.

Podcasts date back to around 2003 when Chris Lydon and David Winer introduced Audio blog post around 2004.

Fast forward we saw the word iPod and broadcast merged to coin the term podcast.

Today we see a plethora of content creators providing niche content in order to engage different audiences.

What does it take to win in podcast ville?

Creating and starting a winning podcast requires a combination of quality and appeal.

There are a number of pointers we could add to ensure your podcast engages and potentially influences public opinion.

Key variables are:

The content, quality, and relevance

The content provides an anker to ensure your episodes are well outlined for the audience to decide to follow or scroll past your podcast. A well-researched, informative, and entertaining podcast is a great way to appeal to new audiences.

The idea is to deliver unique insight, and valuable information while unpacking relevant stories that will keep listeners coming back.

Production quality

The quality is a must.  Great audio, not just good audio is crucial for maintaining listener interest.  Investing in quality recording equipment, and sound editing software while reducing background noise with a balanced sound level should contribute towards listeners staying and later following your show as a content creator.


Consistency is key.  Releasing new episodes and maintaining a regular schedule for publishing shows is essential for building and retaining an audience.  Whether its weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, sticking to your chosen schedule for feeding your viewers or listeners is key towards a great following.

This will help listeners anticipate new content while building a sense of community around your podcast.

Engaging hosting and delivery

A charismatic and skilled host or hosts can make a major contribution to the podcast’s overall appeal.  A passionate host, knowledgable, and a host capable of delivering content in an engaging and relatable manner can establish a strong connection with the audience.

Other factors such as tone, style of delivery, and pacing will contribute to the podcast’s overall enjoyment.

There are many more factors or variables that could contribute towards a great following such as a prominent host who already has a following.

The success of the podcast will depend on effective marketing, and understanding your target audience while adapting their feedback to make quick changes.

As the podcast grows and evolves, staying open to experimentation and improvement will be vital in creating a podcast that resonates with listeners and viewers and stands out in the seemingly crowded space.

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