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In a Meta conversations media round table Meta confirmed an incoming lineup of features that will most likely impact any user’s space.

WhatsApp Flows

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Meta has announced faster chat experiences with something called Flows.

Flows is Meta’s answer to businesses. Businesses will be able to offer more experiences like quickly choosing a train seat, ordering a meal or booking an appointment, all without leaving your chat.

Now users will be able to book a reservation, and even order a meal, all from the comfort of their own home.

Through the WhatsApp business platform, Meta says businesses will be able to provide rich menus and customizable forms that support different needs.

The Meta update is coming in a few weeks.


Pay directly

As part of a series of tweaks, Meta confirms it will be making it easier to complete purchases directly in chats.

From today, People in India will be able to add items to their cart and send payments using the method of their choice from all supported UPI apps, debit and credit cards.

Meta will be working with Razorpay and PayU to make paying for something as simple as sending a message.

Meta Verified

Meta verified is on its way to allow businesses to receive a verification from Meta.

This verification – yes, just like the other app – will help users identify real businesses from the fake.

To become Meta verified, businesses demonstrate their authenticity to Meta and in return receive a verified badge.

This will enable enhanced account support and protection against impersonations.  We’re still not sure about parody accounts.  That’s a totally different story.

For businesses interested in signing up, the feature will come with additional premium features including the ability to create a custom WhatsApp page that is easily discoverable via a web search and multi-device support so multiple employees can respond to customers.

Meta will be testing Meta Verified soon with small businesses and will most likely introduce the feature to businesses first as a trial.

Cloud API

Cloud API among other things are some of the upcoming features from Meta, all intended to allow businesses to cater to customer preferences even better.

The features will be introduced in Mumbai initially.

Meta Verified is expected to assist creatives to create with businesses mostly likely paying a subscription fee.

Pricing and availability are still to be confirmed.

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