Tech60 seconds: ALX addresses unemployment differently in Africa

Technology training and skills development advocate ALX hosted its second hybrid cohort titled Karibu which featured young tech enthusiasts, brought under one roof to share ideas and also find out what some of the current in-demand tech jobs are..

The event followes the success of the initial one which addressed unemployment in Africa by enabling two million young African professionals to secure work opportunities by 2030 through ALX’s training programme and skills development.

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ALX hosted what it called the Karibu event this week aimed at connecting students from eight cities across Africa but also to announce the intake of new learners.

The event was hosted at the ALX’s tech hub in Braamfontein Johannesburg and earmarked the remarkable success the hub had facilitated in terms of technical training and soft skills development.

“ALX training programmes are about potential, which includes qualities like courage, passion, resilience, imagination, and values as well as the power of community. The Karibu event celebrates past achievements and recognises the vast untapped potential among our fresh cohort,” said Divesh Sooka, General Manager of ALX South Africa,

“Africa’s greatest resources are our youth,” said Fred Swaniker, Founder of ALX .

“By 2030, Africa will have a larger workforce than China, and by 2050, it will have the largest workforce in the world. One billion people will need jobs in Africa. Our mission is to address this challenge.”

About two hundred and fifty learners attended the event and also connected virtually with peers from various African cities according to Sooka.

The agenda was simple, to highlight some of ALX’s values while allowing learners to share real-life success stories with alumni learners.

Sharing insights from their journey, fellows also witnessed top-tier employer partners for a conversation about tech trends, digital transformation, and the multifaceted tech landscape.

The dialogue aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

“Our Karibu event is a testament to ALX’s pledge to revolutionize tech education across Africa,” concludes Divesh Sooka, “We are more than a training provider; we are a community that supports and accelerates one another, evidenced by the successes of our esteemed Fellows.”

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