Is this the end of social media? 50% users likely to abandon social media – report

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Due to a decay in the quality of content on several platforms including the arrival and use of bots on several others, a study highlights how 50% of consumers could abandon social media interaction by 2025.

In marketing predictions for 2024, Gartner explored how marketers could leverage platforms to navigate the balance between advancing technology and maintaining consumer trust.

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An interesting note was how the perceived decay in the quality of social media platforms will drive 50% of consumers away.

The half of the online population is questioning their interactions and Gartner predicts these users may abandon their platforms as a result by 2025.

The reasons are the perceived decay in the quality of social media platforms. This is according to their survey of 263 consumers between July and August 2023 which found that 53% of consumers questioned the state of social media compared to previous years.

Toxic user bases and the prevalence of bots were a concern.

Couple that with incoming generative AI and some users fear things may become worse.

Digital marketing on social media platforms plays a crucial role for brands in various ways. For platforms to lose credibility will lead to major knocks considering how social media platforms provide massive audiences, to allow brands to increase their visibility while creating awareness.

When we add consistency to that mix we notice that digital marketing efforts assist in establishing a strong brand presence in the mind of the consumer.

Social media allows brands to engage directly with the end consumer.  Brands can share diverse content formats, including images, videos, and articles to showcase their latest products and services.

The loss of credibility and users for most brands could leave a massive disconnect.

Don’t forget that most digital platforms provide analytics tools that help brands measure the performance of their digital marketing campaigns, which means brands can gather valuable insights into user behavior.  Cut that cord and who knows what we may get.

The dawn of AI may be the answer however half the usage is a massive exodus, to say the least.

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