Two things most Bolt users have in common

It’s not every day that one realizes they share almost the same habits as someone they have never known. It’s the habit of visiting the same places, not in the manner you thought you kind soul.

According to ride e-haling platform Bolt statistics for 2023, not only has the previous year shown growth, but it has also highlighted some of the most visited places by commuters.

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Bolt turned 10 last year, reaching 150 million customers across more than 500 cities worldwide in 45 countries.

Data from the e-hailing service camp reveals that customers have a few things in common in terms of the places they visit.

The top destination is OR Tambo International Airport.

The OR Tambo International Airpot popped up as a popular destination for Bolt riders, solidifying it’s position as the top choice for passengers.

The top rider traveled around 5546 KM a journey.

The top rider of 2023 covered an impressive 5546 kilometres. This achievement highlighted the commitment of Bolt’s top-performing drivers.

That 11 a.m. was the peak of popularity

Bolt experienced a surge in demand, with a phenomenal 62,932,276 finished orders recorded during this popular hour. The top rider hits 1958 completed rides

Bolt’s top rider completed 1958 finished rides.

The statistics indicate a growth in commuters using e-hailing services and a willingness to commute when considering that a few years ago, the country went into lockdown which meant freedom of movement was limited.

While e-hailing services grow, it’s interesting to see how commuters appear to be traveling a lot more considering their need to visit O.R Tambo International Airport. That common denominator proves the will to move around for most locals, a great habit to see.

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