ApexOS, what’s special about this latest operating system?

We spot a new arrival in the form of ApexOS from the Rubicon Group.

This is an operating system designed to deliver more control and monitoring capabilities for Apex devices.

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It’s a software that’s here to better manage tech, but Nick Roche, Chief Product Officer at Rubicon details it as an impact in the realm of energy management solutions.

The ApexOS software promises to reshape how municipalities and gated communities address energy challenges.

Nick Roche

ApexOS offers consumers control over their energy consumption.

The software enables APEX to design and build traditional energy conversion and storage hardware with additional layers of cloud-facing functionality.

This means teams can remotely manage and control fleets of equipment from cloud services according to Roche.

The function, secured by VPN connectivity proves to be useful in various contexts such as virtual power plants and other scenarios where fleets of equipment can be orchestrated to solve supply constraints in municipal or gated communities.

Elaborating further Roche explains that “with ApexOS cloud functionality, we can remotely coordinate numerous fleet devices to manage energy absorption or injection from/to the grid, utilizing a combination of our cloud, device software, and hardware.”

This sounds like a plan, but we’re still looking for a simplified version of what the software is and does.

So ApexOS represents an integration of hardware and software of field devices that consolidates all features into a single operating system.

“Apart from its technical progress, ApexOS also incorporates client-facing components, such as a monitoring user interface and a communication layer linking ApexOS to cloud services. Remote diagnosis and error resolution are also essential features of the software. However, ApexOS’ primary functionality goes well beyond that, by enabling fleets of equipment to be arranged into unified solutions to the power crisis or where power trading is employed,” says Roche.

In short Apex devices equipped with ApexOS offer a solution to customers facing grid constraints and are in need of cloud service as a solution.

It’s an energy management solution for the market with a promise to revolutionize industry, by providing customers with solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial energy marketplace.

The incoming tech is available in Apex’s latest generation of products.

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