Industries that adopted generative AI and never looked back

Image created using AI. Image created by Marcus Moloko

Artificial intelligence or generative artificial intelligence tools saw massive growth in 2023 with rapid adoption from various industries worldwide.

The growth of generative AI tools and their uses showed more growth than smartphones and tablets at their inception.  This means users worldwide found AI productivity tools like ChatGPT, DAll-E2, Alpha Code, Jasper, and Scribe to name a few useful to the extent that these AI tools saw considerable following in various industries.

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Professionals appear to have adopted the new language models in their preferred industries and this indicates how GenAI has been used in industries such as IT, Entertainment, Fashion, Healthcare, Marketing and Advertising, manufacturing, and cybersecurity.

Cyber security and IT

Image created using AI. Marcus Moloko

While cybersecurity and IT lead in the usage of generative AI for obvious reasons, it was interesting to see industries such as film, gaming and music adopt generative AI for content creation. AI to date, is used to generate scripts, create realistic gaming environments, and even compose music.


The fashion industry employed generative AI for designing clothes and predicting fashion trends with the help of virtual shows created using AI. This then delivers a more efficient design process.


Image created using AI. Marcus Moloko

The manufacturing sector was a little slow in the adoption of intelligent tools, but we note how generative AI is used for product design and optimization of manufacturing processes including quality control. This is all so that costs can be reduced in the bigger picture.


Image created using AI. Marcus Moloko

The health sector saw generative AI contribute to tasks like medical image analysis, drug discovery, and personalized treatment plans. Soon we could see improved diagnosis accuracy including treatment outcomes.

Content creation 

In content creation, we see generative AI create realistic images, videos and even music. We’re likely to see generated product mockups in ad campaigns, and background music for films including personalized video game environments.


Generative AI analyzes social media data to identify trends while optimizing content for better reach and engagement. This leads to better brand awareness and customer retention.

There are increasing capabilities for large language models like ChatGPT-3 and LaMDA which will contribute to the overall growth of generative AI, as they can process massive amounts of data generate human quality text, and even write different kinds of creative content.

It’s clear that with continuous advancement in technology coupled with growing investment in generative AI, we can expect even broader adoption across different industries in the coming years.

There’s potential in a technology that was almost at its infancy stage last year. The market is expected to continue growing in the next few years as organizations increasingly recognize the value and potential of different technologies mushrooming because of accelerated innovation, a result of generative AI.

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