WhatsApp update to let users send HD quality media automatically

Image by Alexander Shatov/Unsplash

In the latest beta update, popular social messaging app WhatsApp will now allow users the ability to send high-definition images or videos.

This is not anything new for some users however, in the past the social media app had a series of steps that allowed users the ability to send HD images and videos.

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This week, talks on tech-ville confirm how Meta made an adjustment to make HD photos and videos on WhatsApp a lot more accessible.

The feature for HD content sharing is months old, yet we welcome the shift for convenience in sending HD multimedia files.

To send an image or video in HD quality, users need to toggle to the HD option, when selecting media files. With the latest update, WhatsApp users can set the option to automatically send HD media files.

In simple terms, users will now have the ability to set the media quality for an upload.

By default the setting of content sent will be standard and users can opt to make the shift to HD quality.

Opting for the HD option will consume more data including storage and may be a little slower, especially when multiple files are sent at once.

While the feature may be delayed in South Africa we should see it trickle in, in the next couple of weeks.

You may have to toggle to settings, storage, data then media quality for the HD option. Remember higher images and videos may be slower to send and receive. They may also consume more storage space.

This will impact those using the automatic backup Google service as storage backup size will be impacted severely.

Users may have to ultimately buy more storage space on Google, for those who wish to have every peace of content sent in HD format.

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