We spot wave forming technology from Trinnov Audio

Trinnov Audio unveils its revolutionary WaveForming technology, poised to redefine the audio landscape.

In a recent interview with Tom Garrett, a Sales Manager of Trinnov Audio, the company shed light on the evolving demand for luxury audio equipment in the global market.

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Garrett highlighted the growing trend of creating versatile entertainment spaces within homes, emphasizing the shift from traditional home theatres to multi-functional event rooms.

Trinnov Audio team, which pioneers in audio innovation, also spent time in South Africa installing the first groundbreaking WaveForming Technology within distributor Homemation’s entertainment showrooms.

This development is poised to transform the audio experience in luxury homes, professional spaces, and commercial cinemas.

WaveForming is not just about adhering to an “ideal” layout; it’s about redefining what’s possible in audio design.

The sophistication and adaptability of WaveForming enable it to support a diverse range of layouts while maintaining a high level of performance.

In essence, it tolerates deviations from the traditional, offering the very best in audio system design.

WaveForming Intelligence

Trinnov Audio acknowledges that the highest and best implementations of WaveForming may resemble the traditional Double Bass Array (DBA).

However, WaveForming enhances these designs significantly, infusing a high degree of embedded “intelligence” through its sophisticated algorithms.

The result is a technological marvel that introduces a new era in audio performance

Demonstrating Possibilities: WaveForming

Trinnov Audio has chosen to unveil the best implementation of WaveForming, showcasing the culmination of years-long research.

The decision reflects the company’s commitment to demonstrating the vast possibilities made possible by WaveForming Technology. The introduction marks only the beginning of WaveForming technological release, promising a future filled with advancements.

WaveForming is gradually making its way to end-users, dealers, and distributors worldwide, including the recent implementation in South Africa.

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