GoPaint, Huawei pins innovative product launch for May 7

Consumer group Huawei has pinned May 7 as the date when it will unveil a series of innovative devices that will mark the next phase of design and innovation for the tech giant.

Huawei will be introducing consumers to its latest array of innovative products in Dubai, come May 7, 2024.  We highly suspect some incoming wearables, including some upgraded buds.

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We could be wrong since there has been no confirmation of which devices will be in formation but the term innovative product launch and a confirmed date means Huawei will be launching some of their devices which will likely force competitors to take a second look at their devices.


What do we know?

We suspect that Huawei will be introducing a square-shaped wearable when looking at Huawei’s social media page which suggests a square design.

We spotted images of tablets and possible laptops on Huawei’s social media feed.

This could mean a return of an upgraded ultra-thin Matebook D. While this is not confirmed, it would be interesting to see what upgrades Huawei could introduce to improve a laptop that was very light when it was introduced initially.

Reports also suggest that Huawei will touch on its latest development GoPaint app for tablets. Huawei’s social media accounts provide a teaser of the GoPaint app feature with the tagline “creation begins here.”

If our sources are right, users could see a new era of easy-to-use features for painting.

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