Leaked: We find incoming secrets about Honor, next level photography

Some early chats with some industry experts and Honor confirm that Honor is bringing in a competitive new Honor series, come July.

This series is expected to compete with the likes of the Samsung S24 and other competitors while bringing in a new and exciting AI setup all thanks to a partnership that Honor has secured with a global image organization.

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We can confirm that Honor is bringing in a competitive Honor series that promises to raise the bar for portrait photography among other features that Honor remains tight-lipped on.

Honor will bring third-generation features tested to bring forward better-defined images, better lens technology for their cameras, and features that may turn the user into a compelling content creator.

Why the fuss?

We understand that Honor may want to leapfrog forward, not only in terms of AI but also in the partnerships the brand has secured and plans to secure shortly.

Faster gaming chipsets, nature-inspired designs, and a more intelligent series are what Honor confirms may be on the way and we can’t wait.

Honor confirmed that better features will complement images taken, especially portraits.

We understand that images taken using smartphones usually battle to find a perfect balance between facial contours when an image is taken. AI usually compensates by adding a filter as a remedy.

The shadows on everyone face make it a challenge for most smartphones to equalize especially considering that photography is the art of using light to your advantage as a photographer. We remember this lesson from photography class when a certain world-renowned photographer invited us to their course because we used to take crap images with no planning.

Honor confirmed they have looked into this and have tweaked software and AI to bring forward images that are not only clearer but sharper, more balanced, and more professional-looking images.

The secrets

Users can expect better portraits, a competitive series at a competitive price, more naturally looking subjects, and products that may shape industry standards when it comes to content creation.

Honor wants to set the standard and are in the process of introducing a world-first addition during July.

AI tweaks. 

It’s not a secret that Honor has been looking at better AI features, but what is it that could make their incoming few announcements so interesting?

Better functioning AI. 

Looking at Honor’s proposed incoming announcement, we understand they are looking at AI that works more seamlessly especially when considering photography.

Keep your ears to the ground as we will soon unwrap Honor’s incoming latest secret.

What we can say without getting sued, is that if you’re at the Durban July, you should say hi to the Honor team who will be out and about introducing their secret.

When you do see them please tell them Marcus says hi.

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