Tech battle, the Honor 90 Lite 5g vs the Honor 200 lite 5G

Rumors say Honor’s expected Honor 200 lite 5G is expected to hit South African shores in the first weeks of July.

If our informed colleagues are accurate that would mean Honor 200 lite 5G may land just after July 1st, 2024. Only a few days left until Honor unveils the N series in the form of the Honor 200 series.

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While the likes of the Honor 200 Lite head to South African shores, how about placing the Honor 200 against a contender from 2023, the Honor 90 Lite?

Are they the same phone, what’s the difference, and is there a difference?

We look at the performance.

Honor says the Honor 200 Lite 5G surpasses its predecessor with better tech, features, and performance.

The Honor 90 lite came packed with Honor MagicOS 7.1 operating system alongside Android 13.

Honor 90 Lite

The Honor 200 lite on the other hand is expected to bring forward MagicOS 8.O and Android 14. The Honor 200 lite brings in some updated AI features which include Magic Capsule, Magic Portal, and parallel space, which are usually associated with the Honor Magic flagship series.

Camera quality difference

The Honor 200 light promises a rear 100MP triple camera system which introduces a 100MP main camera, for high-definition photos, a 5MP wide and depth sensor alongside a 2MP macro camera to capture those minute details. A 50MP selfie camera is expected on the front of the camera to capture those in-the-moment selfies.

If you may recall, we did once refer to the Honor 90 lite as a content creator’s device as it brought in some witty photographic toolset on a budget. We saw a 100 MP wide camera system, a 5 MP, ultra-wide camera alongside a 2 MP macro camera.

It featured a 16MP wide selfie camera which appears to be a step up from the Honor team.

Does size matter?

The Honor 90 Lite 5G was a 7.48mm slim device weighing in at 170g, while the Honor 200 Lite 5G promises a slim 6.78mm thick device at a weight of 166 grams.

It’s a lighter phone, but can it withstand a fall?

The Honor 200 Lite comes with an SGS 5-star drop resistance unit certification meaning it is engineered for taking a hit.

The Honor 200 Lite was put through some rigorous tests which included tests where it was dropped from around 1.65 meters only to emerge unphased.

The Honor 200 Lite is expected to land in South Africa in the first week of July, at a speculated price of around R 10 000.

Remember purchases do come with some gifts to the value of R2499 which include an Honor supercharge cable and free postal repair pickup and delivery service including a 3-year battery health protection plan.

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