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New iPhone available in South Africa July 20

According to tech journalist and Stuff Magazine editor Toby Shapshak, Vodacom will be launching the new 3G iphone, also popularly know as the “iPhone 2.0”, on July 20.

Vodacom’s launch is part of a 10-country deal that Vodafone announced last month, confirming speculation over the iPhone announcement. The phone is purportedly slimmer and sleaker than the first generation iPhone. It also now apparently comes in three new colours. But, most importantly, it is a 3G phone. The first iPhone was hailed for breaking new paradigms with its sexy user interface, but — confusingly — was a mere tractor with only GPRS and Edge speeds. It was one heck of a beautiful tractor, but a tractor none-the-less.

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Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone later today, ending widespread speculation over its features. I’d like to see it come with GPS and slideout keyboard — but it is unlikely to have these features. The only absolute certainty is that it will be a faster, 3G phone. Let’s wait and see.

I think I’m going to gets me one.

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