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The iPhone SLR Mount

The new iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo has garnered quite a bit of buzz around the Interwebs lately. The mount is an iPhone case-adapter combo that lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4. This gives your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus by utilising your existing telephoto, wide angle, macro or your fixed lenses.

The iPhone SLR Mount might seem like just a novelty at first, but it’s a fun proposition for photographers that have already invested in an SLR or DSLR camera and the accompanying lenses. The iPhone 4 will most likely not take better pictures than a standalone camera, but being able to instantly make use of amazing photo apps such as Camera+, Hipstamatic and Instagram is quite compelling. The iPhone 4 is already the most popular camera on Flickr, and it’s quite likely that the iPhone SLR Mount will find a home in many a photographer’s camera bag.

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There are some things worth noting about the mount. Although it works with all Nikon lenses, it only works with Canon EOS (EF-mount adapter) lenses. If you’re keen on depth of field, the mount won’t give you aperture control, instead it will be determined by your existing lenses. Also, if you don’t have a lens with manual aperture control, pictures will be darker by one to two f-stops. Finally, because iPhones are mirrorless, pictures taken with the mount attached will be upside down, which could be a little annoying, but they can of course be flipped with a photo editing app.

The iPhone SLR Mount is shipping from mid-August for US$249 (add $25 for international orders).

*all pictures courtesy of Photojojo

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