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LG throws ultrathin Xnote Z330 hat into ultrabook ring

Ultrabooks are hot, hot, hot right now. Netbooks are in serious decline, and some manufacturers are getting out. No, it’s ultrabooks all the way, a category created by Apple with the Macbook Air. Now it’s all super-skinny bodies with 13” displays, solid state drives and full-blooded guts. The LG Xnote Z330 is the first from the Korean manufacturer, and currently the sveltest at 1.2kg and 14mm thick, in a minimalist Air-style case.

The small one feature is the “Shuriken” display tech from LG, which takes a big shave off the bezel width, allowing the 1366×768 13.3” display to fit in a slightly smaller chassis – about a centimeter narrower than competitors like the Lenovo Ideabook or Samsung Series 9. The LG is also really thing, just 14.7mm thick, compared to the Macbook Air’s now chunky-seeming 17mm.

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Apart from that it’s pretty much even-stevens tech-wise – Core i7 2637M at 1.7GHz or Core i5 2467M at 1.6GHz, and the usual Wifi, WiDi, USB 3, HDMI, etc, with a 120 or 350GB hard drive. Battery life is promised to be six hours, and “Super Speed” is meant to have it up and booted in ten seconds.

Original release in Korean here. Google Translate is your Korean friend.

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