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In honour of Jack Tramiel: the best 10 Commodore 64 games

In honour of the passing of Commodore founder, Jack Tramiel, age 83, Gearburn compiled a top 10 list of our favourite C64 games.

If these instill a sense of nostalgia, be sure to pick up a C64 emulator and download some of your favourite games from sites like Commodore Apocalypse.

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Elite — The very template for 4X games, Elite is a genre on its very own.

Sone Of Blagger — A very decent Mario clone before Mario came into his own.

Spy Hunter — Wonderful, pixel-perfect arcade action before Midway blew it’s load on Mortal Kombat.

Little Computer People — Before The Sims, there was this.

Wizball — Irreverent bouncing and surreal art equals Wizball.

Head Over Heels — One of the best puzzle games of the 80s.

Bubble Bobble — An arcade favourite, replicated beautifully on the C64.

International Karate+ — Street Fighter II, eat your heart out. This was the multiplayer title to own.

Last Ninja 2 — Incredible isometric graphics delivered a living, breathing arcade world for your crazy ninja.

Defender Of The Crown — Strategy and simple arcade gaming was DOTC’s opus.

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