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Mother’s Day: 5 cool gadgets for Mom

Today being Mother’s Day, we decided to bring you five gadgets that your mom would probably love. The gadgets we selected have crossover appeal, so your mom doesn’t have to be a bona fide geek to appreciate these. Take some notes, our selection would make great birthday or Christmas gifts too.

BookBook by Twelve South

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BookBook cases are truly special. Made from leather and styled to resemble vintage books, they are the perfect protection for your mom’s iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iPhone.

Monogram Vertical Tote by Michael Kors

Not only is this a beautiful handbag with contemporary styling, by blending fashion and function it also provides a great way to carry around your MacBook and iDevices. There is a separate inner pocket to house a MacBook, as well as additional pockets for your iPad and iPhone.

Chef Stand + Stylus by Belkin

For moms that have a penchant for both the culinary arts and tablets, the Chef Stand and Stylus from Belkin might be the perfect gift. The stand and stylus combination gives her the freedom to interact with her tablet while cooking — without worrying about touching the display with messy hands.

Also check out the Kitchen Cabinet Mount.

Parrot DIA Digital Photo Frame by Nodesign

Another photo frame, yes, but have you ever seen one so beautiful? The Parrot DIA has a beautiful 10.4-inch transparent face with a light source behind it to illuminate the screen. Connect to it wirelessly and with its own email address, your mom can send emails with photo attachments straight to it. It has many cool features, like the ability to flick photos from an iOS device to the photo frame as well as the ability to run applications. It’s a bit pricey, though.

Echo Smartpen by Livescribe

If your mom loves scrapbooking, or writing things down on paper, she’ll love the Echo Smartpen. It records everything you write, hear and say, so even if your notebook gets stolen, notes are still stored on your pen or in an application such as Evernote, Facebook or Microsoft OneNote. You have to use a special dot paper notebook in order for the infrared camera on the pen to track your writing, but it’s worth the hassle. Watch the video below to get an idea of just how the pen works and what you can do. How cool is the part where the guy plays a tune on the hand drawn piano?

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