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China-only smartphone from Phillips rocks 13-hour battery life

Who is Phillips again? The company that cranks out stereo systems and microwave ovens? Not so, Phillips is a still a player in the mobile phone race, albeit sticking to the Chinese market for its top-end smartphones.

The latest such device is the Philips W732, a cantankerous 4.3-inch mobile phone with a frankly astonishing battery life of 10-hours and more.

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We won’t mince words. It’s a bog-standard smartphone. It rocks Android 4.0,  1GHz-CPU (single core), an 800×480 LCD IPS display, 5-megapixel camera and for the secret agents and cheaters out there, a dual-SIM card slot.

It’s the 2 400 mAh battery that sets the Philips W732 apart from the 5-7 hour battery life iPhones and Galaxy’s of the world. With “intelligent power saving” the phone smashes out 13 hours of talk time and 10.5 hours of web-browsing. We just want to go on record to say that our iPhone barely manages two hours on 3G with a full charge. This is nothing short of a revolution, if Phillips can deliver on these battery promises. It also means that this will be the longest lasting smartphone battery currently in production.

For those fluent in Chinese, the reminder of the deets can be found here. As for price and availability, all we know is that it’s “coming soon” in five luminescent colours.

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