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Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse is 50 shades of awesome

Razer, maker of practically the best high-end gaming peripherals and soon, a kick-ass tablet has launched the Ouroboros, a US$130 pro-gaming mouse that is customisable to the nth degree.

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You don’t have to know how to pronounce the name of the mouse to love its sex-appeal. It’s “the most comfortable ambidextrous mouse” says Razer, but until we get our hands on it, it’s just a weird looking mouse on a webpage. Most pro-gamers have hedged their bets on Mad-Catz in the past, but now it’s Razer’s time to shine. Here’s why it costs as much as a cheap laptop.

It has an adjustable back arch and length, interchangeable side-panels, an 8200 DPI dual-sensor system (both laser and optical sensor), a one-millisecond wireless sensor which is apparently as decent as a corded mouse, and all this runs off one goddamn AA battery. Just one. Oh and that battery gives you 12 sweet hours of game play.

So it’s the adjustable back and length of the Ouroboros which lends it its ambidextrous capabilities. But good god, this beast of a mouse is allows nothing to chance. The back tilt of the mouse can be adjusted, with the rear pulling itself out by at least 20mm for the largest of mitts.

The side panels can be swapped out for those who are keen on a little bed for their pinkie finger. Still, it’s the 8200 DPI 4G dual sensor system that takes the icing off the cake, slams it in our mouths and makes us beg for more.

The rest of the Ouroboros’ features, such as the stupidly named Synapse 2.0 (custom mouse profiles in the cloud) and the dedicated DPI clutch trigger are cool, but won’t be the primary selling points.

What sells Ouroboros is its Frankenstein ethos. We’re a nation of modders, a collection of users who want to tinker, who don’t need to mess around with vanilla gadgets. What the Ouroboros does, it does it with style and the type of panache usually reserved for Apple products. Black and green is in. Look for it in 2012.

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