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4 apps for finding your dream job

The path to success

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As with everything else that has changed over the last couple of years due to improvements in technology and the widespread adoption of the internet, finding the perfect job that takes advantage of your personal skill set, pays the bills and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction, is becoming increasingly harder day by day. This is not to say that you’re never going to find it, just that you might not be looking in the right place anymore. The fact is that the art of job searching is no longer confined to the newspaper and the physical resume. These days, it’s all about online, and people are searching 24/7. Here are a number of apps to help you and make your search that much easier.

LinkedIn Mobile

Let’s be honest, LinkedIn is quickly replacing the traditional CV as we know it. Sure, job ads on all the big online portals request that you forward them your carefully crafted document, but I can tell you that a good percentage of employers will go straight to Google with your name, so make sure your LinkedIn profile appears on the first page. As an app, LinkedIn is great for communicating with potential employers on the fly. It shows that you’re professional and on the ball, and allows you to join job boards for your specific industry, follow companies that you’re interested in working with and connect with recruitment agents who can help you with your search.


SnapDat is a free app that allows you to design and send digital business cards directly from your iPhone. You can create custom business cards that link to your social networking profiles and contacts details, and send them to your potential contact’s email address. So now you can stop rummaging through your jacket pockets and wallet when meeting an employer at a networking event.


Indeed rates itself as one of the biggest job search engines in the market today. The app is really just a mobile version of the site but comes with the same reach and quality as the online site. The beauty of having it on mobile is that you can search and apply for jobs from anywhere, even while sitting in the reception area, waiting to be interviewed. Not the fanciest looking app out there but then again, that’s not why you’re using it.

Hire Me!

So now you’ve found a job and have been asked to come in for an interview, for some, a scary situation altogether, especially if this is your first job. Hire Me! is an app that allows you to prepare for interviews by asking you interview questions from its bank of 300 frequently asked in interviews.

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