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Delta Six is the greatest and worst controller for shooters ever made

There’s a fine line when it comes to console geekery, and the Delta Six controller, a gamepad shaped like a rifle crosses that line, destroying it in a hail of virtual fire. But will it find itself under our beds, relegated to the dust pile like our Guitar Hero “instruments”?

The same company that made this insane controller, the Avenger, created the Delta Six. It’s difficult to describe it, but here goes: Plug the Delta Six into the console, load up a FPS and control the action with the gun. Reloading is now a physical action, as is pulling the trigger. Same goes for looking around and zooming into the action for headshots. This video, which should be skipped to the 1:30 mark makes the Delta Six look tasty as hell.

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It’s not magic though. The Delta Six uses controlled movement with a built-in accelerometer. That’s the same magic embedded into the PS3 controller and smartphones. This also means that in theory, the Delta Six could be used for any game. Imagine trying to headshot Ryu in Street Fighter IV? We’d pay good money to see that Youtube video. So there’s no release date, no mention of which console it works on and no lack of shame on the developers part. But in our opinion and based purely on the video, Delta Six rocks hard.

And it’s fully customisable

There’s very little to know about the Delta Six for now, outside of the fancy and ultra-cheesy video you’ve just peeped. Ah but there is a price. US$89 for when it eventually launches. Just don’t let the police catch you taking potshots at your TV.

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