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Rumours build for Windows Blue, Microsoft’s budget OS

Having just released Windows 8 in October, a rumour that Microsoft will be rolling out a low-cost OS to users in mid 2013 is doing the rounds. This low-cost alternative is said to be part of Microsoft’s plan to release an annually updated OS, in the hopes of competing against the likes of Apple and Google.

This latest iteration of Windows is said to be a more standardised OS and set to contain an entirely new user interface. Could there be a move away from the touch-centric emphasis of Windows 8? Microsoft has admitted that user uptake has been slower than initially predicted even though it has sold better than Vista.

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Although full details are not known, sources close to The Verge say the desire for Windows Blue is to become the “OS that everyone installs”. This desire has even prompted some to believe that the OS could be sold at an extremely low price point or possibly, even become a free download. Such a move would tempt a greater number of users to adopt the OS.

Other plans could supposedly see a supporting Software Development Kit rolling out shortly after the new OS’ release, with Microsoft planning to stop accepting apps designed for Windows 8. This would force developers to design apps for Windows Blue, however previously created Windows 8 apps however should still function on Blue according to sources. The update will also require users to possess a licensed copy of a previous Windows OS.

If this rumour does prove to be true, it will be interesting to see how many users will make the shift, although it appears as if Microsoft may not give much of a choice in the matter. It’s also worth noting that there’s no definitive plan for Windows Phone devices. Will this new OS roll out to smartphones as well?

This development wont do much in challenging the notion that Windows is perceived as a very restrictive OS. With no official word from Microsoft on this rumour, we will be sure to keep you updated.

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