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Leap Motion Controller now Linux compatible

Leap, the Kinect-like motion controller for PC now supports Linux, says Ubuntuvibes. Leap Motion Dev, one of Leap’s twitter accounts sent this message to it’s Linux fans earlier this week.


Improved finger tracking, always a good thing. The official support log has added details regarding the Linux update:

Beta release of the Leap Linux SDK for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 12.10, or newer. It’s early, but we’d love your feedback and support in bringing our software to this important platform.

Leap Motion’s hands-free controller is possibly the most exciting device to hit our PC’s in years. Leap was first announced 21 May 2012 and is expected to ship 13 May 2013 for the utterly reasonable price of US$80. It’s a very small USB device, roughly the size of an iPod Touch and can track fingers (pens, noses, bread sticks) up to an accuracy of 0.01mm. A wireless (non-USB) version of Leap is expected to ship soon after the USB version.

Thousands of units were delivered into the hands of developers earlier this year and last, over 10 000 according to the Verge. It was seems as “a necessary move” so that Leap’s app store could be bustling with software by the time the hardware hits the market.

Leap has proven to be a very hackable device, with some users having turned it into a helicopter controller, a music maker and hell, even NASA got in with the Leap action as it remotely controlled its Athlete Rover.

Pre-order Leap right now, and prepare your Linux device for a gesture-based life.

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