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LG rolls out Optimus L5II in sunny Brazil

LG’s Optimus L5II, a 4-inch Android 4.1.2 smartphone with 512MB RAM is now on sale in Brazil, for an as yet unknown price. The Optimus L5II comes in both a single and dual-sim option and offers… what exactly to make us purchase it?

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Until we’re certain of the price, we’ll have to go with the Optimus L5II being a well-designed iPhone/Z10 lookalike. Plus the Optimus L5II has the same alerts as the SIII, as in coloured LED lights that flash different hues depending on notification type. LG is also hammering on about it’s user-interface, the “premier user experience” it calls UX. Now, we’ve seen the LG UX and it’s as horrible as any other skinned Android device. So this is mostly PR-babble. The L5II hits Brazil first, than Central/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

LG also boasts a “long-lasting battery” which is hopefully better or as good as the L7II, with its intensely powerful 2460mAh battery.

Let’s end with some PR speak from Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The Optimus L5II will offer consumers another great option among devices in the premium 3G market. We believe that the Optimus L5II will prove to be irresistible to people looking for a feature-rich smartphone that complements their unique and individual styles.” You could literally substitute the word Optimus L5II and put any phone into that babble.

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