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Haze is the best iPhone weather app you’ll ever use

an image of haze, for the lead

Download Haze, it’s a weather app for iOS and a damn fine piece of eye-candy. The standard iOS weather app built into the notification slider is serviceable, but compared to Haze, an utter joke. A lie, a waste. Haze is a dollar. One flipping dollar, a quick download and a lifetime of weather related eye-sex. Let me explain.

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Burning brightly

Haze is perfection. A basic three-screen UI of sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, sunrise and sunset times can be accessed, viewed and relished in seconds. It’s not as convenient as the standard iOS weather drop down, but it looks and sounds infinitely better.

The app loads, and a sunny screen presents itself. This is the temperature screen. Tapping the temperature forces information blobs into the open. Each blob concisely aggregates the daily weather info. Slide right, and the daily sunrise/sunset times appear. Slide left, and rain information appears. It’s so natural it hurts. Plus, the accompanying and ultra chipper sound effects make sliding and tapping a joy.

As for tomorrow

Haze doesn’t hold back despite a close to transparent UI. Pulling down from the top of the iDevice reveals the weeks prediction of temperatures. This forecast is active on every info screen. Pulling down fully reveals the setting screen, where further themes can be added. There’s also a tilt control option, but it sucks in comparison to the left to right gesture setting.

There’s nothing else to it. Haze is zen-like in its approach. If you don’t have it nestled on your iDevice home screen, you’re in the wrong.

Verdict: buy it

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