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‘World’s smallest phone’ has a 2.5cm display and won’t be sold outside Japan

the miniphone

The Phone Strap 2 by Japanese firm Willcom is a 3.175 x 6.985cm feature phone and has the title of “world’s smallest mobile phone”.

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This mini-phone has an insanely small battery and screen. The display is a mere 2.5cm and battery life tops out at two hours, says The one-inch, 2.5cm colour screen has a shockingly insignificant resolution of 96×96 pixels plus an email app. That’s it. Well, besides the MicroUSB slot, a headphone socket and space for up to 1 000 contacts. And it’s only 32-grams, that’s the weight of a salmon rainbow roll.

Despite the two-hour battery life, the phone has a 300-hour standby time. Plus look at the size of it:

Does this remind you of anything?

Exactly. Seems like a joke phone, but Willcom is deadly serious about the real-life phone for ants. The firm says that the phone isn’t supposed to replace your smartphone, but is meant more for sending quick text messages and making phone calls. So like, a tiny parasite for your smartphone.

Hell, the Phone Strap 2 even has a moveable antenna which is all sorts of retro-tech glee. The Phone Strap 2 will come in black, white and pink. There’s no mention of price or launch date yet, but reports say that the Phone Strap 2 will only launch in Japan. Admittedly, this device is beyond useless, unless it’s priced at US$10 or less. Then it becomes a disposable toy and with the right marketing, the Phone Strap 2 could turn into the Pokemon of mobile phones.

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