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Become a Ghostbuster with these 8 paranormal apps

The four ghostbusters

Ghost hunting is the next big phenomenon, to the point where it’s become even more popular than zombies. A lot of paranormal fans are definitely interested in creating their own ghost tracking teams, so if you have the fever and aren’t afraid of ghosts, who you gonna call? Don’t call anyone, just download these apps on your phone. Please note that the apps are a combination of iOS and Android.

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Ghosthunting Toolkit

For US$3.99, you get a lot of busting for your buck with this app. You’ll feel ready to join the ranks of famous ghost hunters, from Dr. Peter Venkman to the ever-disappointed guys on Ghost Adventures. The single app has five different tools, easily turning your smartphone into high-tech ghost tracking equipment.

The EMF Detector naturally measures the strength of electromagnetic fields in your immediate area. Ghost hunters believe these fields detect the energies of forces in the vicinity. It works best with The Power Detector. If you fear you’re living with a poltergeist or simply want to find out why the doors open and shut on their own, use the Vibration Detector. The EVP Recorder captures sounds and voices attributed to spirits but also lets you conduct ghostly interviews to see if you receive replies. Use it with The Interrogator, which works best with yes or no questions.

Ghost Detector

Forget about Long Island Medium, this app is all you need. You’ll have your own medium right on your phone. Although not all ghosts deign to speak, no matter how skilled the hunter, Ghost Detector finds them through a radar. If there are supernatural forces in the area, it will discover them. Making use of a microphone and magnetic senor, the ghosts themselves may try to take over your app. If they do, they’re probably more inclined to respond to questions, but remember to ask nicely. Prove that chivalry isn’t dead.

Ghost EVP Analyzer

Both amateurs and professionals swear by this app. If you simply want a recorder that is able to pick up otherworldly speech, try this on for size. Not only can you easily record any noises you hear, you can then save them to your phone. Later, run analysis on any sounds your phone managed to capture to discover if it actually came from a ghost. If you don’t get any bites during the first analysis, slow down the recording or run it backwards. Maybe your ghost left you a more cryptic message.


For a very sensitive app meant to measure any vibrations, give this one a shot. It’s actually pretty in-depth, since it captures and analyzes vibrations in three different ways. “X” captures horizontal movements; “Y” is best for up and down motions; and “Z” will tell you if your ghostly friend moves forward or backward. While not originally meant for use as a ghost hunting apparatus, hunters are like MacGyver when they put their minds to it.

Ghost Radar: LEGACY

There are two different Ghost Radar apps, each at a different level, but since both are free, it’s better to go with the top gun. It promises irrefutable results when it picks up activity. It uses sensors meant to measure EMF readings, not to mention supernatural sounds and spooky vibrations. It also analyzes your findings, but the kicker is that it only does so when the patterns seem interesting. In other words, if your friend Joe tries to pretend he’s a ghost, the Ghost Radar, unlike a Ouija Board, isn’t going to let him get away with that mess.

While it might spout gibberish at you from time to time, it’s worth the download. It’s a tracker, ideal for use in homes or outside in the atmosphere. Even better, if you’re part of a tracking team or hunting forum, you can actually email all of your findings and readings to other people, straight from the app.

Ghost Hunter M2

For a functional ghost hunting app, look no further. You’ll track down those cryptic critters in no time flat. If you watch the ghost shows, you know about EVP, or electronic voice phenomena. Ghost Hunter M2 has that, making it quite skilled at picking up hard-to-hear sounds and voices. If your other apps fail you in the fine art of paranormal conversation, this one will make sure you keep up your end of the back-and-forth. Better still, you’ll see and hear the results, for when you can’t understand what you’re hearing.

What’s especially neat about this app is its spatial displacement tool. If there is heat, energy, or even displaced air in your vicinity, this will pick up that information. Again, if doors often open without warning, this is a great tool. Make sure you grab it if you run into any cold pockets or feel any cool, ghostly fingers tripping down your spine as well. Since it also includes EMF detection and a rather nifty geoscope function, it’s considered incredibly on-point.


Users say this app gives out readings that give high-tech, professional EMF tools a run for their money. You really can’t beat that, can you? As the name suggests, it specializes in EMF readings and picks up on any fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields around you. It’s great for outdoor use, but any area suspected of lots of high energy paranormal activity will definitely benefit from this app.


Because inexplicable sounds and voices generally get ghost hunters the most excited, you must have a good audio app. This is an industry favorite, because it analyzes everything it hears. Its popularity likely has to do with its ability to tell you exactly what’s creating the audio. You’ll ideally figure out the exact source, whether it’s a cricket or the ghost of Lizzie Borden, who is unquestionably an industry favorite. Not only that, it also gives you the audio’s frequency, so it’s handy to use with other tools.

Honestly, these apps do pick up some strange phenomena, so with most of them low-cost or no-cost, you lose nothing by downloading them. Do you think you’ll go ghost hunting in the near future?


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