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Todoist app review: ultimate organisation

I don’t often use productivity apps, but there’s been such an increase in the quality of these apps that my attitude towards them might be changing. That’s mostly to do with a wonderfully designed and fantastically functional personal organiser, Todoist.

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The interface of the app is clean, sophisticated and very professional looking. I will start by saying that although I love this app, it might be for people with more intense schedules than mine. I’m by no means a power-user when it comes to productivity apps, I make notes, snap pictures and create lists to remind me that I need milk, again. However, Todoist allows me to do that, without having to use all of its functionality.

The app is used in conjunction with the website
Todoist’s core functionality revolves around projects and their respective sub tasks. These projects will contain tasks such as sub-headers and those can be toggled to be displayed, or hidden, as you choose. I love the minimalist design of the app, I really like the colour palette the developers have chosen as well, because it’s neutral, inviting and blends into the vanilla Android OS perfectly, without looking like everything else, or anything else for that matter.

With the premium version you will be able to colour code your labels, making it dead easy to see what you need to do with a quick glance. Todoist also allows you to sync your tasks across platforms, including your desktop. The free app allows you to manually sync across all your devices as much as you want, plus you can add and manage unlimited amounst of tasks while accessing your task manager without an internet connection.

The compatibility of Todoist is also impressive as the app syncs with iOS devices, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook and even Thunderbird. One thing to keep in mind is that the app is not cheap, it’ll cost you US$29 per year, however, if you rely heavily on your task manager/daily planner on your devices, I will happily admit that it is money very, very well spent.

The difference between the free and premium versions will be very apparent as soon as you use the app for the first time. Many of the options are only available as part of the premium product, like the ability to add notes to your tasks, filters completed tasks and the integration of deadlines into an iCal.

Reminders are also somewhere the premium version of Todoist excels, whether you want push notifications, emails or SMS, you are catered for. Forgetting to do something will be pretty difficult indeed. One of my favourite aspects of Todoist is its widgets. Simply put, they’re gorgeous and functional, giving you the ability to add, remove or edit your lists straight from your home-screen.

There is a massive difference between the premium and free versions of the app. But as I’ve said, I’d highly recommend it to anyone who relies heavily on their smart device for time management and planning. Find it on the web, the Play Store, or for iOS, and give it a try today.

Verdict: An excellent app for organization and well worth the US$29 yearly fee

Rating: 8/10

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